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1. How much does it cost?
2. What forms of payment do you accept?
3. What do I need to bring for the inspection?
4. Does my vehicle need to be insured at the time of inspection?
5. I do not have a Kansas driver's license, can I use one from out of state?
6. Does the vehicle owner need to be present at the inspection?
7. I am making payments on my vehicle so my lien holder has my title. How do I get a copy for the inspection?
8. I do not have a license plate for my vehicle. How do I get it there legally for the inspection?
9. My car is not running, can you come to my house to do the inspection?
10. If I bring my car on a trailer or on the back of a truck, will it need to be unloaded?
11. Does an inspection form expire?
12. What do I do once the inspection is complete?