What is the legal length in Kansas?

Generally, the legal length requirements are as follows (KSA 8-1904):

Single vehicle, 45 feet

  • Truck and trailer, 65 feet
  • Truck-tractor and semi-trailer, no overall length limitation
  • Single trailer, 59 ½ feet each
  • Double or triple trailers, 28 ½ feet each
  • Poles, pipes, machinery, or other objects of a structural nature that cannot be readily dismembered, 85 feet, unless a special permit has been issued
  • Truck-tractor and house trailer, 97 feet
  • Stinger-steered automobile transporter, 80 feet
  • Stinger-steered boat transporter, 75 feet
  • Drive-away saddlemount or full-mount, 97 feet
  • Custom harvester truck-tractor and two trailer, or truck-tractor semi-trailer, trailer, 81 ½ feet (between April and November)
  • Towaway trailer transporter and two trailers not exceeding 26,000 lbs., 82 feet

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