Commercial Vehicle Regulations

The Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) is the regulating agency for the commercial trucking industry in our state. They adopt motor carrier safety regulations and administer the economic regulations governing commercial motor vehicle operations in Kansas. Highway Patrol Troopers and Motor Carrier Inspectors enforce the regulations by performing roadside inspections and staffing inspection and weigh stations on major highways. In addition, special investigators from the KCC and Highway Patrol perform in-house audits and safety compliance reviews of motor carriers to ensure the industry abides with state and federal regulations.


If you operate a vehicle or combination of vehicles that have a weight rating or combination weight rating of more than 10,000 pounds, and you are hauling for hire or hauling your own materials in the furtherance of your own commercial enterprise, you are most likely regulated. Regulated carriers must follow motor carrier safety regulations, including, but not limited to, hours of duty, required biennial (every 2 years) medical examinations, minimum age restrictions, methods of securing loads, safety hitches, trailer braking systems, tires, emergency equipment, periodic/annual inspections, and required markings (company name and USDOT number).

Additional Information

Contact the Kansas Corporation Commission, Transportation Division at 785-271-3145 for more information on economic and safety regulations.