How to Obtain a Virtual VIN Inspection

The last day to submit a Vitual VIN Inspection request is May 27, 2020.  In-person inspections will resume June 1, 2020.

All photos and documents outlined in the Virtual VIN Inspection Guide below are minimum requirements.  Additional information may be requested by the Inspectors to complete the Inspection (MVE-1).

The Kansas Highway Patrol is experiencing a high volume of Virtual VIN Inspection requests.  Please allow several days for the process to be completed.

Virtual VIN Inspection Guide

What do I need to include with my Virtual Inspection request?

Follow the instructions in the link above to ensure ALL photos, documents and information is included with your request. Inspections will not be completed without ALL required photos and documents.
  • Specific pictures of your vehicle and documents. See the guide for ALL required photos. (10-15 photos)
  • A scan or clear photo of the front and back of the vehicle's title with buyer and seller information completed.
  • A clear photo of your government issued photo ID, such as a driver's license.
  • A phone number where you can be reached.

Need to speak to a Inspector?

If you need to speak to an inspector, phone numbers for available VIN inspection stations are listed.

Need a Salvage Inspection?

Salvage inspections, or any inspection where a VIN Plate must be affixed to the vehicle, still requires an in-person, physical inspection. Contact your closest Salvage Inspection Station to make an appointment.

Find your closest Salvage Inspection Station - search for Salvaged Vehicle Inspections under the county listing.