Equipment and supplies used in counter-drug activity are eligible for purchase through the PARTNERS Program. Federal code limits the purchase of items to those used in the performance of counter-drug activities.
Ordering Process
Identify what you need using the Army, Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) or General Services Administration (GSA) catalogs or online resources. Contact the vendor for current costs and shipping information.
PARTNERS Program Logo
After following your department's purchasing procedures, your department's point of contact must submit an official, signed PARTNERS Purchase Requisition form (P.R.) and payment to the KHP PARTNERS office. Currently payment must be made by check from a unit of state or local government.

To help save money, the PARTNERS staff will screen state and federal excess and surplus property programs for your equipment requests. If your items are not available through these programs, then the PARTNERS staff will place the order through the appropriate agency or vendor.

An order confirmation will be sent by fax to your department's point of contact. This should be kept for your records for reference and audit purposes.

When your order arrives, make sure everything has been delivered and check for damage. Complete the Order Receipt Confirmation form and fax it in within 2 working days of receiving your order.

If your order is incorrect or damaged, contact the PARTNERS staff for assistance. It is the responsibility of the PARTNERS staff to resolve disputes with the vendor. This puts the strength of state and federal purchasing programs to work for you.

Once the PARTNERS staff receives the confirmation form, payment will be released to the vendor. Finally, the order is closed out and maintained on file in the PARTNERS Program office.

Items you order are subject to your department's inventory regulations. The PARTNERS Program does not maintain inventory records on items purchased for you.