Following Too Closely

Kansas law requires drivers to follow other vehicles at a reasonable and prudent distance, taking into consideration the speed of the vehicles and condition of the roadway.

Basic Guidelines

Four of every 10 crashes involve rear-end collisions, usually because someone is following too closely (tailgating). Leave enough room between your vehicle and the one ahead so you can stop safely if the other vehicle stops suddenly.

Brake early and gently when preparing to stop or turn. It gives drivers behind you plenty of warning that you are slowing down. Be aware of space on either side of you, too, in case you have to change lanes quickly or pull over to avoid a hazard. If possible, leave yourself some escape room to your left and right.

If You're Being Tailgated

If the driver behind you is tailgating, move to another lane if possible, or if necessary, slow down and pull off the road to let the driver go by you. Be sure to signal when you drive off the road and when you return to it. Do not press your brakes to warn the offending driver, this could make a difficult situation become more dangerous.