Field Operations: South Region

The South Region is comprised of three troops, one specialty troop, and Public and Governmental Affairs. This region includes Troops E, F and H as well as Homeland Security/Emergency Operations. The south region encompasses 53 counties with headquarters for Troop E in Garden City, Troop F in Kechi, near Wichita, and Troop H in Chanute.
The region includes:
  • Dodge City
  • Garden City
  • Hutchinson
  • Wichita metropolitan area
  • Wolf Creek Nuclear Generating Station
Field Operations south region

Region Offerings

Because of the vast rural area of parts of the west region, Troopers maintain a close relationship with other law enforcement agencies. The south region is home to Wichita State University, as well as several community and private colleges. The South Region is also home to the DHS National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility (NBAF). 

The south region is home to the Kansas State Fair located in Hutchinson. The South region has several casinos located within the area, and the region includes large beef processing plants in Dodge City and Garden City.

Emergency Operations/Homeland Security 

Emergency Operations and Homeland Security work closely with other law enforcement agencies, county emergency managers, and other federal, state and local partners. 

Public and Governmental Affairs

Public and Governmental Affairs helps promote the Patrol’s public image and messages through media releases, interviews, social media, website and other safety materials, updating the agency’s policy and procedure manual and provides security during the legislative session.