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  1. Avoiding Collisions with Deer

    Deer activity on and near Kansas' roadways poses a seasonal traffic hazard. Because deer-breeding season runs from October and into December, law enforcement officers routinely investigate a large number of vehicle-deer crashes this time of year.

  2. Driving Tips Especially for Teens

    From Kansas' seasoned travelers to students fresh out of driver's ed, all drivers need a few reminders now and then. The Kansas Highway Patrol offers safety tips for your next safe, successful turn behind the wheel.

  3. Elderly Driving: Cautions & Concerns

    To some extent, driving improves with age. Drivers ages 16 to 25 may be more aggressive and inexperienced, receiving more citations, and causing more accidents than other age groups. However, studies show that vision, hearing, reflexes, and cognitive abilities may deteriorate with age, and the proportion of people over age 75 who drive and are in accidents is comparable to young drivers.

  4. Harvest Safety

  5. Roundabout Ahead

    Roundabouts are safer, more efficient intersections that people use all over the world. Since these circular intersections have only recently started springing up in the Midwest, they may seem intimidating at first. However, as drivers grow accustomed to them, they usually prefer the counter-clockwise yield system and landscaped central islands to the delays of traffic lights and stop signs.

  6. Safety Tips for Summer Travel

    Follow tips provided by the Kansas Highway Patrol to keep your summer travel plans safe.

  7. Simple Tips for Driving Into / Through Dust Storms

    Drivers are urged to stay alert because strong winds can result in sudden periods of limited or zero visibility due to blowing dust and or smoke during burning season.

  8. Special Enforcement Schedule

    A list of Special Enforcement Lanes currently scheduled during 2017

  9. Spring Driving Tips

    From rainy weather the spring months bring, to traveling through blowing dust and smoke from dry conditions or burning season, spring brings a different set of “adverse conditions” to drivers utilizing Kansas roads.

  10. Winter Driving Tips

    Winter driving can be dangerous, especially for rusty drivers at the beginning of the season. After a long spring and summer, it is easy to forget how to drive on winter's slick roads and in low visibility. Common sense says to monitor the weather, travel only when necessary, keep your speed down, and drive defensively.